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BLAD #6 takes a break from the fast-paced life to stop and smell the flowers. Not to mention: touch them, look thoroughly at them, listen closer to and taste them. We put all of our senses to work to get to know our favourite plants better. Although many plants are in winter hibernation and not barely as green as one could wish, there’s still lots of beauty to be found, if only you look closely enough. BLAD #6 embraces winter with open arms, eyes and an attentive mind–and senses.

BLAD #6 moves out into nature to look at gardens created to be beautiful all year around. We dream ourselves away to tropical terrariums and go through a real treasure chest of nature–dried and pressed. In BLAD #6 you will also gain more knowledge about the fascinating material soil, beneficial to both you and your plants.

We will teach you how to make Nordic schnapps and how to turn the summer’s dried flowers and herbs into scented sachets. The words find, as always, good company in beautiful photos and illustrations, including a photo series of Norwegian moss, the tactile quality of plants’ leaves and psychedelic illustrations as imagery for our green playlist to get us through the winter.

To get your senses working and challenged, this issue presents you with different kinds of papers, a distinctive cover and even more text in English. In other words: read, see, listen, touch and feel your way through BLAD #6.

Bidragsydere / Contributors

Forsidefoto / Cover Photo: Louise 
Skribenter / Writers: Camilla Zuleger, Charlotte Kjærholm Pedersen, Magdalena Rozenberg, Rikke Oberlin Flarup & Rikke Pape Thomsen
Fotografer / Photographers: Anders Braa Rimhoff, Dennis Morton & Helge Hjort Bentsen, Katrine Møbius
Art Direction & design: Liv Caroline Hotvedt Laursen & Louise Jacobsen
Illustrationer / Illustrations: Emilie Carlsen
Translation: Camilla V. Lindberg Christiansen, Camilla Zuleger, Natalie Useche Storm & Rachel Mackay

Korrektur: Martin Lund, Retskrivningspolitiet.
Proofreading (ENG): Camilla Victoria Lindberg Christensen
Plantekorrektur / Proofreading plants: Ole Lyshede & Rikke Pape

Specifikationer / Facts
Format : 17x24cm, 80 sider
Oplag: 1.000 eksemplarer
Sprog: Dansk & English
Print: Offset


Language: English & Danish
Size: 17x24cm
Pages: 80
Print: Offset

Blad er et dansk tidsskrift om stueplanter,
grønne fingre og urbant planteliv.

Tidsskriftet handler om planter i den bredeste forstand,
men især om dem vi omgiver os med i vores hverdag
i byen og i vores hjem. Vi vil gennem æstetikken inspirere
og formidle viden om emnet og orientere om hvad der
sker inden for feltet, på en humoristisk, uhøjtidelig og
autentisk måde. Visuelt og sprogligt gør vi det gennem
smukke billeder, hyggelige anekdoter og skæve historier.


BLAD is a biannual magazine on house plants,
green fingers and urban plant life.

The issues are bilingual, presenting every article
in the original Danish and an English translation,
preserving the Nordic tone of voice, while reaching
out into the world.